Arnold Veber

Arnold Veber (born Cheboksary). Graduated the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. (workshop of Igor Mukhin). Works in various media, referring to the analysis of the social, political and spiritual life of modern society. Since 2010, he has been documenting the life of Moscow youth, taking the position of an insider. Lives and works in Moscow.

Dazzed Digital , Fisheye Magazine , Colta , Decoder , Lifo , Birdinflight

Arnold Veber
  • 2020 – Garage Museum Grant Program, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2017 – Shortlist “Photobukfest”, Russia.
  • 2017 – Winner in the group 20-25 years old. International Photo Contest “Young Man in the XXI Century”, Russia.
  • 2017 – Winner, Problem category. Competition “Direct Look”, Russia.
  • 2013 – Residence at the Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art, Russia.
  • 2013 – Nomination “Silver Camera”, Russia.

Personal exhibitions:

  • 2020 – “Entropy is growing.” House on the embankment. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2016 – “Yesterday we are all”. VIP program Cosmoscow International Art Fair. House on the embankment. Moscow, Russia.

Group exhibitions:

  • 2020 – “Beautiful Night of All People”. 2nd Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art. Garage Museum. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2019 – “Drill”. Winery. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2018 – “CIRCULATIONS FESTIVAL”. 104 CENTRAL. Paris, France.
  • 2017 – “Peace and Peace”. 7th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale. Museum Center “Peace Square” “. Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
  • 2016 – “Fresh Blood”. 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. Winery. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2016 – “ShR 10 Years”. Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2016 – Photobiennale. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2015 – “GENERATION NEXT”. Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2015 – “MOSKAUER”. ATELIER AM ECK. Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • 2015 – “What to say when there is nothing to say”. “Udarnik” cinema. Moscow, Russia.

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Young blood

Young blood is one of the key topics of interest to Arnold Veber. Having started photography at the age of 18, he has created a series of photo and multi-channel video projects on the nightlife in the capital. With deliberate frankness, audacity and demonstrative aesthetic deafness, he describes the hangouts of the younger generation, where moods change unpredictably and rapidly. From fun to aggression or melancholy, and with personality dissolving into flux. “Young Blood” was not originally conceived as a series with its own program, but arose out of an attempt to systematize the photographer’s archive. It includes previously unsorted pictures with young people, which Arnold Veber has taken since 2011. Parties in nightclubs and drunken debauchery spilling out into the night streets: Veber is extremely far from social criticism, but at the same time he treats his characters without involvement, rather dispassionately observing how the ordinary world with its norms and regulations collides with a world of revelry and shifting moral attitudes.

Entropy Grows

According to Arnold Veber, the human personality is like the ship of Theseus: as the individual parts of the whole are replaced, its connection to the original version becomes increasingly problematic, and the essential unity is replaced by an external resemblance. Similarly, human perception processes experience, creating an authorial version of reality, and memories turn out to be a palimpsest rather than a reliable testimony. The “Entropy Grows” series explores the dynamic nature of interpersonal communication and personal worldview. Veber manifests a radical rejection of objectivity, the impossibility of a common frame of reference, while at the same time connecting fractured scenes with a single point of view with the framework of an artistic project. His project “Entropy Grows” exists in the forms of a three-channel video, an authorial zine and a series of photographs.