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There's a River in Moscow | series
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print 30х45 sm | edition -14
print 30х45 sm | edition-14
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30х45 cm, print in a white frame
60х90 cm, print in a white frame
100х150 cm, print in white frame
30х45 cm, print in a black frame
60х90 cm, print in a black frame
100х150 cm, print in black frame
30х45 cm, print on dibond
60х90 cm, print on dibond
100х150 cm, print on dibond

Ksenia Tsykunova’s series pays tribute to the Moskva River: 100 years ago it was used for washing clothes and bathing horses. A few decades later, cars were washed in Serebryany Bor and swimming competitions were held under the walls of the Kremlin. There was a huge beach on the Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) in Soviet times, and country dachas in Maryino. The riverbanks become the backdrop against which the history of the entire 20th century unfolds.

The photograph was presented at the exhibition “Is It Easy to Be Young” as part of the “Photobiennale 2020” at the Multimedia Art Museum / MAMM (Moscow), 2020.

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