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Magic forest | series
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print 60x60 sm | edition -9
print 60x60 sm | edition-9
60х60 cm, print in a white frame
60х60 cm, print in a black frame
60х60 cm, print on dibond

Placed on hunting trails in Austrian forests, dummies of wild animals reproduce a natural idyll, and at the same time are designed for the shooter’s careful eye. These crudely made figures come to life as in a fairy tale, provided that the person remains outside the brackets, outside the frame. The comparison of the photographer and the hunter is widely known: keeping reality in sight, the photographer seeks to capture the precious moment. The topic of the absence and presence of an observer in Sofia Tatarinova’s project becomes an eloquent commentary on the idea of pure, objective vision: human attention is the main condition for the existence of this reality, not disturbed by a person.

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