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print 30x49 sm | edition -14
print 30x49 sm | edition-14
print 49х78 sm | edition-9
print 108x68 sm | edition-4
30х49 cm, print in a white frame
30х49 cm, print in a black frame
30х49 cm, print on dibond
49x78 cm, print in a white frame
49x78 cm, print in a black frame
49x78 cm, print on dibond
108х68 cm, print in white frame
108х68 cm, print in black frame
108х68 cm, print on dibond

Ilya Rodin decided to play with ideas about the role of the museum, and nature of scientific knowledge in his series “Exposition”. Rodin selected a number of exhibits for the work and turned them into 3D models using photogrammetry. By giving the models a mirror-like surface, he places them on the background of panoramic Google maps images; the object thus dissolves into the landscape, questioning the supposed transparency of natural scientific knowledge.

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