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Soul Struggle | series
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print 30х40 sm | edition -14
print 30х40 sm | edition-14
print 68x90 sm | edition-9
120х92 cm | edition-4
30х40 cm, print in a white frame
68х90 cm, photograph in white frame
120х92 cm, print in a white frame
30х40 cm, print in a black frame
68х90 cm, print in a black frame
120х92 cm, print in a black frame
30х40 cm, print on dibond
68х90 cm, print on dibond
120х92 cm, print on dibond

Alisa Gill turns to photography to project and document the stages of collective spiritual practice. By means of photography, the author creates a project for a future three-part performance. Urban spaces should become venues for a series of performances. Gill plans to involve cultural figures in her performances, the focus of which will be a psycho-emotional transformation. Based on the results of the performances, Gill plans to create three photographs, each of which, like a fresco, will be applied to the wall.

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