Gosha Bergal

Gosha Bergal (born Eldigino). Graduated the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. Rodchenko (workshop of Igor Mukhin), photography courses at the FOCON photography school (Berlin) under the international exchange program and Technological College No. 14 (Moscow) in the direction of “Advertising”. Teaches at the Moscow International Film School. In his works, everyday details of everyday life become a way to penetrate deeper into the essence of human life. He mainly shoots on film, takes portraits, studies the culture of the streets. Lives and works in Moscow.

Joia magazine , Calvert journal , INDIE magazine, IncRussia, Snob, Esquire, The Strand magazine, Buro 24/7, iD magazine.

Gosha Bergal

Group exhibitions:

  • 2021 – Exhibition of graduation works of the Rodchenko School “Visibility limitation”. The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2020 – “Is it easy to be young”. Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2019 – “On the Edge”. Gallery “Electrozavod”. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2019 – Injury to Another. Goethe Institute. Riga, Latvia.
  • 2018 – “Shlyga”. Artplay. Moscow, Russia.
  • 2012 – Berlin Art Week. Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur. Berlin, Germany.

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No, YOU Leave

Forest fires in Siberia, support for journalist Ivan Golunov and the Khachaturian sisters, a surge of civil discontent before the elections to the Moscow City Duma, raids at opposition leaders’ apartments, a series of arrests and detentions, high-profile collective criminal cases…Gosha Bergal, who is part of the opposition art community “Kultrab”, compares the social and political heat of summer 2019 to global warming. This climate of social tension inspired members of “Kultrab” to create a clothing collection and a photo shoot dedicated to the ideals of freedom and protest. The title of the project, “No, YOU Leave”, refers to a public political discourse in which any social criticism is met with “Well then go! Leave the country!” The imagery refers to an episode in Russian contemporary history: in August 1991, a number of Communist Party functionaries attempted a coup d’état. Tanks and APCs in the city center, the White House at night, and Swan Lake ballet on TV became symbols of the August coup. “No, YOU Leave”, plays with these images, bringing them back into contemporary culture.