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The Stranger

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print 30х45 sm | edition -14
print 30х45 sm | edition-14
print 60x90 sm | edition-9
print 100x150 sm | edition-4
30х45 cm, print in a white frame
60х90 cm, print in a white frame
100х150 cm, print in white frame
30х45 cm, print in a black frame
60х90 cm, print in a black frame
100х150 cm, print in black frame
30х45 cm, print on dibond
60х90 cm, print on dibond
100х150 cm, print on dibond

The photograph was taken in Moscow

Prints are printed on photo paper.

There are many framing options for all prints.

The site offers framing options listed in the drop-down menu to the right of the photo:

matt wooden molding in black and white (rail: width 2 cm, depth 2.5 cm) covered with baguette glass (thin polished sheets, thickness not more than 2 mm) with hanging elements, which is used to protect works of art. A print framed in a baguette will have external dimensions equal to the size of the print + 2cm to each of the 4 sides. (for example, the outer dimensions of a baguette for a print measuring 40×60 cm will be 44×64 cm).
knurling on aluminum (dibond). Dibond is a durable and lightweight material, which is a composite aluminum-graphite panel with a smooth surface. A print rolled onto aluminum (dibond) is a finished product that does not need to be framed. The mounting structure allows you to securely mount the printed photo on the wall. The outer dimensions of the print rolled onto aluminum / dibond are equal to the size of the print.

Other framing options can be offered upon request. To do this, please contact the gallery. We work with the best professional framing shops. The baguette, mat and other consumables meet the museum requirements, and the baguette work is done by experienced craftsmen.

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