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White rock

Coast Kids
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print 30х30 sм | edition -13
print 30х30 sм | edition-13
print 40x40 sm | edition-9
print 90х90 sm | edition-4
30х30 cm, print in a white frame
принт 40х40 см в белой раме
принт 90х90 см в белой раме
30х30 cm, print in a black frame
40х40 cm, print in a black frame
90х90 cm, print in a black frame
30х30 cm, print on dibond
40х40 cm, print on dibond
90х90 cm, print on dibond

In the project “Coast Kids” Olga Vorobieva creates a collective portrait of Crimean youth. The artist, who moved from Crimea as a teenager, returns to her homeland to look at the faces of those who are now growing up in a suspended political situation, an irreversibly deteriorating environment, and a troubled economy.