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Coast Kids | series
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print 32х40 sm | edition -10
print 32х40 sm | edition-10
print 60x75 sm | edition-9
print 100х80 sm | edition-4
32х40 cm, print in a white frame
60х75 cm, print in a white frame
100х80 cm, print in white frame
32х40 cm, photograph in black frame
60х75 cm, print in a black frame
100х80 cm, print in black frame
32х40 cm, print on dibond
60х75 cm, print on dibond
100х80 cm, print on dibond

In the project “Coast Kids” Olga Vorobyova creates a collective portrait of Crimean youth. The artist, who moved from Crimea as a teenager, returns to her homeland to look at the faces of those who are now growing up in a suspended political situation, an irreversibly deteriorating environment, and a troubled economy.