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Дневник карантина | series
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print 30х45 sm | edition -9
print 30х45 sm | edition-9
print 60x90 sm | edition-9
print 73x110 sm | edition-9
30х45 cm, print in a white frame
60х90 cm, print in a white frame
73х110 cm, print in white frame
30х45 cm, print in a black frame
60х90 cm, print in a black frame
73х110 cm, print in black frame
30х45 cm, print on dibond
60х90 cm, print on dibond
73х110 cm, photograph on dibond

The discouraging news and vague state rhetoric in the early stages of the pandemic made the decision to socially distance a personal and civic choice. Having assessed the situation without waiting for official government decrees, Ksenia Yablonskaya decided to voluntarily isolate herself in her apartment at Babushkinskaya metro station. Yablonskaya recorded her thoughts and lifestyle throughout the quarantine period with photographs and brief diary entries. The “Quarantine Diary” lasted 82 days, right up to the official lifting of the ban on moving around Moscow. It is a memory of a strange time that, for many, turned out to be an experiment in meeting oneself.

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