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Domestic Geese

Ural Mari. There Is No Death | series
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print 20х30 sm | edition -9
print 20х30 sm | edition-9
print 53x80 sm | edition-9
print 73x110 sm | edition-4
20х30 cm, print in a white frame
53х80 cm, print in a white frame
73х110 cm, print in white frame
20х30 cm, print in a black frame
53х80 cm, photograph in black frame
73х110 cm, print in black frame
20х30 cm, print on dibond
53х80 cm, photograph on dibond
73х110 cm, photograph on dibond

The collective project “Ural Mari. There Is No Death” aims at documenting and penetrating deeper into the traditional culture of Finno-Ugric peoples, especially the tradition of rituals related to death. The project shows not only old traditions, but also a living process of synthesis of various religious and mystical beliefs – from grandparents’ stories, television, the Internet and from contemporary esoteric literature.

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