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Hunting With Dogs | series
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print 20х30 sm | edition -9
print 20х30 sm | edition-9
print 53x80 sm | edition-8
print 73x110 sm | edition-4
20х30 cm, print in a white frame
53х80 cm, print in a white frame
73х110 cm, print in white frame
20х30 cm, print in a black frame
53х80 cm, photograph in black frame
73х110 cm, print in black frame
20х30 cm, print on dibond
53х80 cm, photograph on dibond
73х110 cm, photograph on dibond

The stylistics of Fyodor Telkov’s black-and-white photographs do not hark back to the 20th-century classical reportage, but to 19th-century ethnographic photography. Fyodor Telkov’s “Hunting With Dogs” series is not so much about the adherents of hound hunting themselves today, but rather offers an appreciation of the beauty behind this ancient tradition.

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